Machu Picchu here I come…


Yes! Today I’m packing for a trip to Peru! Last month while I was preparing for the Earth class I felt such a beautiful communion within Earth that I longed for more!
It is time for me to go to Machu Picchu, I felt within me. I jumped on this opportunity to go with a group of amazing people. We are going to Cusco first then we will visit Sacred Valley, Temple of the Moon, Mori Salt Flats, Mandor Falls, and Machu Picchu Village. Lots of adventure for just 11 days! I started going to the gym to strengthen my legs and I am boosting my immune system!

I am very much looking forward to Communing with the Earth on these Historical Sacred Sites.

I like to invite you for updates from the trip and even videos. Yes, I am growing into courage to make videos and test my vulnerability. When I tap into the energy of the trip I sense a lot of laughter! I am sure it will be a great adventure! It is a Spiritual Quest with deep prayers for personal growth. 

Are you a loner? I realize that I do love my alone time and there is nothing wrong with it. However; when I moved to Los Angeles in 2010 I started being aware of my separation patterns. I researched a lot on the brain’s limbic system and the primal part of the brain called the Reptilian Brain. If the Reptilian part of the Brain is over active it perceives things as a threat when in fact it is not. Then the only solution for the threat (which comes with all kinds of body sensations) is isolation. I have been paying very close attention to when I choose to be alone from a desire to be on my own or as a survival automatic response. It’s quite fascinating. 
Perhaps I will learn more about my brain and Oneness in Peru…
That is what I am asking for on this trip communion with me, the Earth, close friendships, and lots of laughter!!

Look for me on Periscope! Download the app, then search for Sula DePaula ( @suladepaula). 
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Hope to see you soon!
Sula dePaula


Why I went from using affirmations to using questions


I worked intensely with affirmations for several years. Whether I was working with clients, in my Breath-Work classes or in my personal life affirmation was a constant tool for clearing the past and any negative mental mass. I saw and felt the positive effects of affirmations and then came a time when I perceived a limitation. I was looking for more expansion and less mind control. The mind wants to control and I wanted to give the mind less material to defend against or to prove any righteousness.

I started using questions instead of affirmation after I was introduced to the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness.
I learned questions like “What would it take for… to show up in my life? “What is really possible here” or “Who does this belong to?

For example; Instead of using “I am abundance” try using “What would it take for more money to show up in my life? When a person embodies the energy they don’t need to keep repeating it. Instead of using the affirmation “I am ____” try being the energy of what you are asking for and ask for that to show up with total ease. If you don’t know how to be the energy that you would like to have ask the Universe to show you.

Here is another example; When I wake up in the morning instead of affirming that I will have a great day, I ask a question “what fun adventures will I have today?”

By asking the question, not looking for the answer, and being in wonder gives me the awareness of what can actually be possible to choose for my day to be awesome!

Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, teaches that “living as the question” and not looking for an answer opens up a whole Universe of infinite possibilities. It keeps you from jumping into conclusions and judgments which is a limitation to creating what you would like to have.

In this article from the Access Consciousness blog you can read how science is discovering that a question will always create more in your life. How does it get even better than that? 🙂