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Peace Be Yours

30 min Peace

Are you in overwhelm or physical pain?

The body is a complex electromagnetic power house with hundreds of energy lines running through it and with a very high end communication system – the nervous system. Conscious breathing sends signals to the nervous system to relax. Access Bars energy work releases the electric charge to thoughts , feelings, and emotions. The session is facilitated while client rests on a Bio ElectroMagnetic field mat activating circulationoxygenation and over all well being. (Not to mention neutralizing the effects of electromagnetic radiation). A perfect setting for deep peace while recharging at a cellular level!

Both my given name and spiritual name means PEACE.
For the most part of my life I resisted them both, my name and peace. The Breath showed my how I was resisting it, Access Consciousness helped me change it, and now I can actually feel deep peace and keep it. A Course in Miracles once again inspiring me…  Peace is yours and you would keep it by extending it to others.

I was introduced to something amazing that I’ve incorporated into my personal practice and sessions. I’m inviting you to a 30 min Power Session.
Have a great month! Sula

Being You and no one else!


Healing touch heals my body.

Circular Breathing heals my mind.

Access Bars ® energy work gives me the space to be me.

I didn’t think it was possible to be me without justifying or trying to fit in. I didn’t realize nine percent of the time most of us are mimicking others in a desperate attempt to be acknowledged. Is there a secret wish to live everybody else’s life but ours? Where did we buy the lie that everyone else is happy but us?

When we truly stop being other people, people from our past or present, a huge space opens up where there is nothing. Its not comfortable as the big question arises “who am I now?”  At first is terrifying the energy of the thought “ If I am not choosing for other people what am I going to choose now?” Then the space of possibilities opens up and many choices pops up. The most important question at this moment is “what can I choose that will be fun for me and create the future I like to have?”

When you have the space to be truly you there is ease in being all that you want to be.

At will you can explore what is actually available and not be in auto pilot responses to everyone else’s expectations or projections.

When you create the space to be you all of the sudden there is also space for others to be themselves.

What would it take to be totally aware when we are mimicking other people’s path ways and realities?

Who are we being when we are choosing against ourselves?

Can we destroy and uncreate all the ways that we diminish our being to fit into someone else’s ideal reality?

Lets choose more space! Be You and no one else!


Group Breathe May 20th.

Intimacy with me…

I used to think intimacy was being in a committed relationship.

I used to think intimacy was tantric sex with the perfect lighting and music.

I used to think intimacy was sharing every single thought, feeling and emotion with my partner.

I used to think intimacy with me was eating healthy foods, doing lots of yoga and writing in my journal.

All of these things gave me connection AND still I was always craving “depth” in every area of my life.

What was I missing? I was lacking true intimacy with me. I was still judging me.

So much has transpired for me from learning these 5 Elements of Intimacy by Dr. Dain Heer.

The 5 Elements are Honor, Trust, Vulnerability, Gratitude and Allowance.

Join me as we explore these elements followed by Conscious Connected Breathing Journey for integration and expansion…

Group Breathe will be held at The Red Tent 4838 NW 2 nd Avenue. Boca Raton 33431
Wednesday February 11th 7:30-10pm.
Please bring mat, pillow and blankets for your comfort.
Everyone will get a homemade raw chocolate made by me!

…And so the wind has brought me back East


Yes! I moved back to where I call home…South Florida! More specifically the charming town of Delray Beach. When I moved to S.FL I was 15 years old and fresh from the boat! Kidding! 🙂 I flew from Brazil and landed in Miami. It was here that I made my early history of an Immigrant trying to fit in. It was no struggle in adjusting to the new culture. I learned English in 6 months and loved being here from day 1. Never once had a thought of moving back. Florida was home for 21 years.

4 years ago my adventurous spirit was asking for change. For no particular reason I moved across the country to California just in the name of EXPANSION. California gave me so many gifts. Not only did my journey expanded my entire Being but it made me realize how amazing my life was here. I am so grateful for my family, friends, and the entire S.FL community for supporting me and welcoming back!

In Los Angeles I was once again the new kid on the block trying to fit in but this time I struggled a bit. So I chose to accept the beginners seat and be a student. I took a part time job, met great new friends, and committed to a relationship. While keeping up with my Breathwork I started taking Access Consciousness Classes. I was attracted to it since I love energy work and when I heard the founder say “It will increase your ability to receive” I was sold! I will do anything that will help me receive more from the Universe. I always knew the core block we all have is to receive everything that is available to us in the now.

Receiving is an “allowing” not an action. I had learned from the A Course in Miracle that giving and receiving are one in the same. Still, I needed a practical tool to build my receiving muscles. Most us are really good at giving and not so good at  receiving. If we could only drop all judgments and receive each other as we are…If we could drop all expectation and projections and receive all from the Universe…what if we could?

I have been practicing the Access tools for almost 3 years and it has increased my awareness in so many ways. I found a way to drop my righteousness, my sense of fairness, my investment in people getting me, and the rejection when people didn’t get me. I found a way to be lighter in the world. And so much more!

I will resume teaching my monthly Breathwork classes as well as the new tools from Access Consciousness.

My newsletter will continue to be about Breath, Consciousness, and how to make this reality work for us not against us.  If it does not resonate with you unsubscribe bellow. If it does please share with others. Lets continue to expand in community.

I love being a contribution to you…if you receive me!

Happy New Year!!

Coming home special for my offerings…


Happy New Year!!
Sula dePaula