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Why I love “running Bars”

barsjulyI love “running Bars” for so many reasons…

Because it dissipates the electrical change of polarity.

Because it eliminates pain and suffering.

Because in one session has the potential of deleting thousands of beliefs, emotions, attitudes.

Because it opens the door to more choices.

Because it creates more space in the mind creating clarity

Because it facilitates receiving at all levels

Because it slows down brain activity making peace, kindness, and gratitude the norm. As opposed to conflict, judgment and struggle.

Because as I facilitate a sessions for someone I also receive a session at the same time!

The receiver gets happier, I get happier and the Planet gets lighter. 🙂

Is now the time for something different?

Access Bars® are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different  aspects of your life.

This is where  the  electromagnetic component of all the  thoughts, feelings and  beliefs that  you have ever had about anything are stored. Touch one  Bar and  you activate  it and  begin to clear away the  energy  locked  up in that  area or aspect  of your life. I.e there are points for Money, Body, Creativity, Aging, etc.

Next Access Bars Training Class in Delray Beach is September 6th, 2015.

August 22nd evening event “Being You” taster at 7pm.

Any questions? Email info@suladepaula.com

Being You and no one else!


Healing touch heals my body.

Circular Breathing heals my mind.

Access Bars ® energy work gives me the space to be me.

I didn’t think it was possible to be me without justifying or trying to fit in. I didn’t realize nine percent of the time most of us are mimicking others in a desperate attempt to be acknowledged. Is there a secret wish to live everybody else’s life but ours? Where did we buy the lie that everyone else is happy but us?

When we truly stop being other people, people from our past or present, a huge space opens up where there is nothing. Its not comfortable as the big question arises “who am I now?”  At first is terrifying the energy of the thought “ If I am not choosing for other people what am I going to choose now?” Then the space of possibilities opens up and many choices pops up. The most important question at this moment is “what can I choose that will be fun for me and create the future I like to have?”

When you have the space to be truly you there is ease in being all that you want to be.

At will you can explore what is actually available and not be in auto pilot responses to everyone else’s expectations or projections.

When you create the space to be you all of the sudden there is also space for others to be themselves.

What would it take to be totally aware when we are mimicking other people’s path ways and realities?

Who are we being when we are choosing against ourselves?

Can we destroy and uncreate all the ways that we diminish our being to fit into someone else’s ideal reality?

Lets choose more space! Be You and no one else!


Group Breathe May 20th.

Choosing to Create

Choosing to Create

Realize who you truly are, and the power you have to create heaven on earth!
Sometime we doubt ourselves
Sometimes we fall into hopelessness
Sometimes our inner knowing is so clear it moves us forward
Sometimes the miracles in our lives is purely magical
Whether today is an amazing day or a not so good day remember you are powerful
Keep asking “What else is possible here?” And “What can I create today that I never thought possible?”
And the most popular is “How does it get even better than this?”

I ask those questions daily and my life keeps getting better and better!!

Try it!

Your choices today creates tomorrow!