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Is it confrontational or a door to freedom?

Some people say that Breath-work is confrontational.
When I had my first session back in 2003 twenty min into the relaxed circular breath I got up and declared the session over! I wasn’t afraid of loosing control at all! LOL 🙂12472525_1079525385404268_8637982305431287086_n
The invisible wall I sensed was so incredibly real that it froze my body into a cold sweat. I can still remember my shirt being wet along side my spine.
Back in those days there were no breath-work practitioners or Rebirthers in Delray Beach and I followed my inner guidance by attending a Breath-work weekend at The Rebirthing Breathwork Center in Philadelphia. Even though I felt fear I chose to continue forward with the 9 Month Program. I’m kind of proud when I say I flew to Philly from Florida ten times in one year because it took perseverance and trust.
Leonard Orr discovered circular connected breathing aka Rebirthing Breathwork in the early seventies. He realized that by connecting the inhale and exhale in a circular manner a door becomes available, a door to your unconscious mind!
With the gift of breath awareness you’ll become conscious of your deepest default settings, the type of mind settings that keeps you feeling separate, anxious, overwhelmed and confused.
Do I find it to be confrontational? Not really. When someone is truly ready to let go of their “old story” its a relief and a gift!