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Intimacy with me…

I used to think intimacy was being in a committed relationship.

I used to think intimacy was tantric sex with the perfect lighting and music.

I used to think intimacy was sharing every single thought, feeling and emotion with my partner.

I used to think intimacy with me was eating healthy foods, doing lots of yoga and writing in my journal.

All of these things gave me connection AND still I was always craving “depth” in every area of my life.

What was I missing? I was lacking true intimacy with me. I was still judging me.

So much has transpired for me from learning these 5 Elements of Intimacy by Dr. Dain Heer.

The 5 Elements are Honor, Trust, Vulnerability, Gratitude and Allowance.

Join me as we explore these elements followed by Conscious Connected Breathing Journey for integration and expansion…

Group Breathe will be held at The Red Tent 4838 NW 2 nd Avenue. Boca Raton 33431
Wednesday February 11th 7:30-10pm.
Please bring mat, pillow and blankets for your comfort.
Everyone will get a homemade raw chocolate made by me!