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Beyond Forgiveness

newimagePerhaps you could use to give or receive some forgiveness in your life right now? Have you ever felt the need to forgive someone and you didn’t know how?

Have you ever wanted someone to forgive you for something and you felt powerless?
What is this ‘thing’ that keeps us in the loop of guilt, blame, regret, and anger?
Forgiveness is a big part of the Breathwork/Rebirthing process and the last couple of years I have been meditating a lot on this topic.
I’ve found that Access Bars has created more space in my world where I can start to have more space for other people’s world and not be so invested in “right” or “wrong”.
I am not talking about letting other people be abusive. One needs to be aware and strong enough to say “no’ and “goodbye” to abuse. I am talking about things that has happened in the past and little things that happens frequently that ends up taking a lot of our energy and distracting us from actually creating what works for us.
Everything has accelerated. The speed of time in our daily lives has become nearly impossible to catch up with.
How about if we could forgive at the speed of light!
If we had no emotional charge in our bodies would we be drawn to guilt?
If we had no magnetic pull towards what is destructive would we hurt other or feel hurt?
If we knew all the times, beyond this life time, where we were unkind, would we make others wrong?
If we were aware of the grander picture and lived from Oneness would we need forgiveness?
I am dreaming of a world beyond right or wrong, beyond good or bad, beyond duality.
I am dreaming of a world where Forgiveness is Obsolete.
Is it possible to have that in this reality?
I wonder…
Join us for a group Breathwork session as we explore, question, and stretch our minds about the concept of Forgiveness creating more space for peace. March 11th at 7;30pm.
I do Skype sessions on Skype as well!!
How does it get even better?

Access Tools works so fast you may even wish to have your “upset” back!!

I took my first Access Bars class almost two years ago and the changes in my inner and outer world continue to amaze me.
I realized how dramatically and magically the tools work when I visited my family in Brazil a year ago.
Now, if you know anything about family patterns you know that the dynamics gets activated around family gatherings. 🙂
In the past my father’s certain remarks would land on me very heavily. It would immediately create a reaction and a big frowning face lasting for a while, and in some cases years.
After countless Enlightening books and seminars and specially Breath-work (Circular Breathing) I learned to dance with emotions, express myself, and breathe heaviness out. This time around I had a new tool to play with and it surprised me.
During the first family dinner in my last trip home my father started his comments on a topic that created in me the familiar gut reaction and inner contraction. I said nothing. Remembering my old lessons I knew that expressing my thoughts would only spoil the family dinner and perpetrate a dysfunctional cycle. Few hours later, still charged and contracted, I remembered Access Consciousness questions – new tools!!
I asked “What stupidity am I using to create the upset I am choosing?” and just like magic I felt lighter immediately and the charge was gone! Still stunned, I heard my insane mind arguing…”wait a minute, if I let it go I can’t make him wrong anymore. I am right and his wrong!” And bang!! I nailed it! I was unlocking an old pattern of wanting to be right all the time. As crazy as it sounds part of me wanted to keep the upset so I could continue to make him wrong and me right. As if holding on to the upset was a punishment for him! How insane was that?
I wonder,
How many of us are unconsciously holding on to upsets just to prove the righteousness of our point of view?
How many of us, honestly, would rather be right than happy?
How many of us don’t know what to do but react or resist, do anger or rage, or suppress everything and do nothing?
How many of us would like to choose something different?
How about trying a new tool?
What else is possible?
Los Angeles Bars Class Next week or contact me.
Photo taken at a class in South Florida. Click on photo for more information.
How does it get even better than that?