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Wholeness- A Poem

Wholeness- A Poem

I am an empty vessel so He can pour himself into me.

I am Beauty so He can delight himself in me.

I am an ever blossoming flower so He can enjoy my perfume.

I am shakti so He can be shiva.

I am a fountain of grace so He can drink from me.

I am the dance itself so He can be the music.

I am vulnerability so He can be my strength.

I am Infinity so He can be Eternal.

I am Joy enjoying the Divine Play forever and Ever.

Humbleness – A Poem


Humbleness is silence.
Humbleness has no shame nor justifications;
Humbleness is vulnerability.
Humbleness is receiving unconditionally.
Humbleness is readiness without agendas.
Humbleness is acceptance.
Humbleness is gentleness without expectations;
Humbleness is greatness.
Humbleness is seeing without projections;
Humbleness is sweet presence.
Humbleness is a a teacher without preaching;
Humbleness is being.
Humbleness is knowing without arrogance;
Humbleness is mastery.
Sula DePaula